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8 Design Tips, Low Budget Aesthetic Chamber


Rooms certainly become the most persona place for a person. Therefore, many people are making every effort to make the atmosphere of the room feel comfortable. This is because comfortable rooms can help to improve sleep quality and meet sleep needs per day.

Talk about room atmosphere, room decoration certainly be one of the important things for you to notice. There are a wide variety of bedroom interior designs that you can choose according to your taste. For example monochrome theme room, Korean Style room design that is now in vogue, sweet shabby chic design, design luxurious, minimalist design that has always been a favourite, Japanese room design, Scandinavian, to rustic and industrial design.

Aesthetic Room Design Tips

After choosing bedroom design, the next step is to adjust the room contents to the overall concept. It is to adjust the color of the room paint, to choose furniture and matching decorations, to choose a good bedspread for room decorations.

But the problem is that sometimes we don’t has sufficient funds to decorate the room according to taste.

Well, those of you who are experiencing similar problems, don’t worry because you can design rooms as desired by using only minimal budget. What you need is creativity to make use of the objects around you to create a low-budget aesthetic room design. Interested in trying it?

Yuk, check out 8 design tips of low-budget aesthetic rooms you can apply the following:

Wall Decorations of Sticky Notes

Who says sticky notes can’t you used to beautify the interior design of the room?

You could use sticky notes as wall to give an accent to the room. The trick is to paste some colorful sticky notes on the plain wall and form a unique pattern.

You are free to create it according to selera. By using sticky notes, the atmosphere of your room will become more lively and cheerful.

Install the Tumblr Lamp

It seems that we all agree that room design the tininess of surely using tumblr lights to create an aesthetic impression in the room. Well, for those of you who want to decorate a room with minimal budget, don’t forget to use this one’s bed light.

The lamp tumblr itself is very easy for you get it on a variety of e-commerce and the price is quite cheap. You can also install it yourself easily and put it in the room area you want. If it’s already installed in the room, the light of the lamp will enhance the warm shades in the room.

Recreation with Origami

Tips on designing the next aesthetic room by using origami hangers. There are many shapes that you can make using this technique, such as the shape of a crane.

You could make a number of origami storks, next hung it on the ceiling of the room as an ornament. Try to use paper colors or similar motifs to make them look prettier. Also, don’t forget to adjust it to the room color to make it more compatible.

However, remember that although friendly in the pouch, making origami takes extra time.

Using Macrame Hanging Ornament

macrame into one of the aesthetic decorations the mid-rise, along with the interior design of bohemian, scandinavian, and rustic styles that are also skyrocketing on the market. Well, you could also utilize this one ornament as a bedroom decoration.

There is no need to worry about the cost, for it is adornment. This macrame doesn’t require a big budget. Usually for the hanging wood, you only need to charge around IDR 10-15 thousand, while the yarn price is between IDR 20-35 thousand.

Cheap and esthetic, very suitable for you yang want to design a room with minimal budget!

Decorate with Photo Collage

Next tip is to decorate the room with a photo collage. Especially for those of you who avidly perpetuate every single moment of the day. The decorative way is very easy. You just have to print out the photos you like and stick them on the wall of the room.

Besides being memorable, this photo collage will also make the room feel more aesthetic and intagrammable, you know. To make it more complex, you can add tumblr lights around the photo collage. Guaranteed more esthetic!

Add Ornamental Plants

The ornamental plant placement in the room not only works to beautify the room, but you can also use it as an air filter and bring the atmosphere to life. So that it is not only eye-catching, the plant will also help You becomes healthier because it can make the air cleaner.

There are countless kinds of healthful ornamental plants that you can choose from. Among them are ivory sirloin, sansevieria, to spider plant. If you want a beard, gerbera daisy and lily would be the most appropriate choice.

Use Wooden Furniture

To make the room more aesthetic, try to use wooden furniture. For example on a bed, wardrobe, study desk, dressing table, or side table. In addition, a touch of wood can also be presented through the floor.

You could use wooden parquet or vinyl patterned wood at a relatively low price. In addition to adding aesthetic impressions in the room, the bedroom is sure to feel warm and comfortable so that you too get more comfortable.

Choose a Bedstead That Fits the Room Theme

Without our realization, bedsteads such as bedspreads and bedcovers hold an important role for room decoration as well as your comfort while relaxing and resting. For a comfortable bed will sustain the fulfillment of the ideal time of the user. So that you will also get the benefits of sleeping for the maximum health.

However, even choosing a bedstead cannot be done carelessly. You should choose the bedspread according to the interior design of your room. For example choosing pastel color bed sheets and flower motif bed sheets suitable for shabby chic decoration, Korean S bed sheet style for Korean-style room decoration, up to monochrome bedspread color for monochrome room design.


Those are the 8 aesthetic room design tips that are low budget. Basically, room interior design does have an important role to improve our comfort while resting. So try to always pay close attention to it.

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