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7 Room Arrangement Errors That Make U Hard To Sleep


The bedroom would be the best place to rest to The room always feels comfortable and cozy even if it’s cramped. However, all these assumptions will be useless if you always have trouble sleeping even though your body is already very tired after a day of activity. If you are currently experiencing it, it may be that your bedroom arrangement is the cause.

Yes, the room arrangement error should you suspect when you have trouble sleeping even without a history of sleep disorders. Like insomnia, nightmares such as night terror, frequent delirium, snoring due to having obstructive sleep, hypnic jerk, sleep paralyses and sleepwalking that trigger parasomnia, and REM sleep behavior disorder and thus lack sleep like non-24 hour sleep wake disorder sufferers.

Mandatory Bedroom Setup Errors

So that you no longer have trouble sleeping every night and feel safe to relax on holidays, avoid any of the following misplaced room arrangements.

Wall Color Too Showy

In an effort to create a comfortable room atmosphere, avoid the choice of color paint walls or wallpaper walls of rooms that are too conspicuous. The reason is, certain colors can affect human psychology, one of which too flashy colors will take away one’s focus to relax.

Therefore, it is best to use wallpaper or paint with a cool color, e.g. white, cream, green, navy blue, pink, and light grey. If your room carries a certain theme, such as japan style, a room that reflects your zodiac, Scandinavian style, rustic, industrial, Korean style, or shabby chic, still consider always wall colors that don’t hurt the eyes.

When your room has a monochrome theme, avoid using paint dark-colored walls, such as black or dark grey. Because dark colors will make the room feel cramped and trigger stress or even depression.

Room Temperature Too Cold or Hot

Improper room temperature plays an important role in I’m comfortable with you to sleep quickly. When you feel hot or cold, your body will respond with anxiety so that you will stay awake from sleep.

Though you forced yourself to sleep in a room that hot or cold, you will risk easily waking up in the middle of the night because of shivering with cold or sweating while sleeping. That’s why it’s so important to make the room have an ideal temperature, which is cool.

You can make the room feel cool by turning on the air conditioner or puff the wind at sleep. Here’s what safe tips make room temperature cool with air conditioning or fans.

  • If you are using air conditioning, set the air conditioning temperature between 20-24 degrees Celcius
  • If you are using a fan, turn on wind mode most low or medium and make sure it does not lead directly to your body. It can cause you to catch a cold, dizziness, or headache while waking up.
  • Those of you living in hot and dry areas weigh in right to put the ornamental plant and use a humidifier to keep the room moist. Too dry room air will cause other health problems, such as dehydration characterized by dry lips and easily awakening due to frequent thirst, dry skin and itching, to respiratory tract disorders such as allergic rhinitis.

Room Arrangement Too Much Furniture Installation

Room arrangement error that people rarely realize which one is The empress of sleeping comfort is the over placement of furniture. In other words, overloaded and bulky items inside the room will give the impression of a cramped and room thus limiting your movement space. Especially if your room has a size not too spacious and not too high.

Therefore, try to make a seminal room by following the following tips.

  • Reduce the use of unimportant furniture which is classified as a causative object of difficulty sleeping.
  • Use a mattress that is ideally sized to suit the room area and assortment of your room furniture. That’s why it’s so important to measure a room before buying a mattress.
  • If the furniture you need is indeed many and large, use a multifunctional type of furniture Like a hotel-like room design. For example, a wardrobe that has many shelves or a bed of mattresses that has drawers on its bottom to store bags and goods encroachment. Don’t forget to set it up neatly.
  • When you want to decorate the bedroom, optimize the wall to put a tidied wall ornament too big but still beautify the room. For example flower painting, photo collage, aromatherapy wax, etc.

Use of Room Lights Too Bright

In addition to the use of striking paint or wallpaper colors, excessive room lamp light bright can make the atmosphere of your room too intense. Moreover, if you also install and then turn on the computer or television in the room, then the room lighting will get brighter. This condition makes your brain squeaky to always be active so you can’t go to sleep immediately or simply relax.

Therefore, install additional room lights that only have to be on at night, usually lights small twinkling around the room’s headlights. Also use the bedside lamp for those of you who can’t sleep in total darkness but also don’t want with the light of a room lamp. Use of the right room lamp will help you sleep healthier aka getting the best sleep hygiene.

Bed Placement Near Noise Place

Need you to know that the concept of room arrangement focuses not only on space efficiency, but on environmental noise factor. If your bed is on the side of the wall that separates your bedroom with another room prone to noise, then change immediately position the mattress to the side of the cloth wall.

Also move the position of your mattress if it is close to the window facing directly outside the house is on the side of a crowded highway. When it is not possible to move the mattress, you may feel it by installing a special sound absorber on the wall. Sure with consideration do not interfere with wall effectiveness for other room arrangements.

Wrong Bed Size and Poor Bed Quality

Do you still have trouble sleeping even though you have avoided all five room arrangement errors in top? Most likely the cause is the use of mattresses that are already of poor quality.

Poor quality of bedding may be caused by a variety of things, e.g. not regularly changing mattress once every 7 years, a selection of mattress types that don’t suit your needs, up to mite-inhabited mattresses. Not only that, but the selection of the size of the mattresses with posture will also make you uncomfortable.

If you do not make sure the mattress is in a good state or fit sized, it will have an effect on the case body habitation. For example, posture changes, neck and waist pain, and difficulty finding the most comfortable sleeping position to sleep well.

Use of Poor-Quality Bedcovers and Bedcover

In addition to bedding, your sleeping comfort is also affected by the use of bedspreads and bedcovers, you know. If it turns out that your bedcover or bedcover is too worn out, not cold and soft, or bed mites are inhabited, then it is highly likely to prevent you from getting caught ideal sleep time.

Therefore, wash your bedspread and bedcover immediately when it is used for more than 1-2 week and buy bedspreads along with new bedcover of good quality if the color of the bedspread has been dulled or faded. Buy soft, cold-shelled bed sheets according to preference You, e.g. bedspread according to interior design or bedspread according to your personality.


Such are the 7 Bedroom Arrangement Errors that Are Mandatory to Avoid. In addition to the inconspicuous selection of paint colors, you should also pay attention to not too much sleeping gear to support comfort at rest.

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