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7 Japanese Room Design Tips, Stay Comfortable And Cozy In Spite of Being Narrow

7 Japanese Room Design Tips, Stay Comfortable And Cozy In Spite of Being Narrow

A narrow bedroom certainly isn’t a hindrance to you .Create a comfortable, cozy bedroom decoration. Because, with the right selection of bedroom design, you can turn a narrow bedroom into a multifunctional and comfortable and aesthetic room. One of them is to apply Japanese interior design, aka Japanese Scandinavian, which is now in the middle of a crowd of interested people.

In fact, there are several interior designs for narrow rooms that can be used to make room for large rooms. You choose. But if you want to highlight minimalist and multifunctional concepts, then Japan is the right choice. As its name suggests, the design is a fusion of concepts between Eastern and Western cultures. You can experience a simple and modern style of Scadinavian, which combines with a functional and classic Japanese interior concept in one room.

Japanese Interior Design Tips for Bedrooms

This Japanese-themed bedroom is perfect for living in the city. Large cities usually have limited size rooms. In fact, this Japanese interior design is also suitable for windows less rooms. With the Japanese concept, your room will feel more cozy, comfortable, efficient, and aesthetic.

A room is the most personal room for a person. Then from At that time, many people made every effort to make their room atmosphere comfortable. Because comfortable rooms can play a role in improving the sleep quality of the occupants and helping to meet the needs of sleep per day.

This is why bedroom decoration is one of the most important things. It’s important that you pay attention. Hence, many want to adjust the decorations of the room to suit their personality to make it more comfortable and comfortable. However, one of the obstacles to room decoration that is often encountered is the lack of land.

The small size of the room and the limited land sometimes make us comfortable felt confused about determining the right design. Well, for those of you who are having similar problems, it’s okay to try the Japanese interior design that’s in the marketplace.

Because, this one’s interior design is notable for its distinctive features. This can maximize the finite space and keep it functional. For those of you who are interested in exploring the concept of Japan as a room interior design, check out the following tips!

Consider Bedroom Lighting

The first tip for applying Japanese interior design was to design the interior of Japan. Maximize the lighting in the room. Use sufficiently bright lighting from either lights or lights It’s natural through the window. Besides the room feeling spacious and bright, bright light will also make it easier for you to do various other activities in the room. Bright rooms will also bring the atmosphere to life and freshen up.

You could also use a sleeping lamp to increase the color of your coffee and aesthetics in the room. If you have a room without a window, then there’s no need to worry. You could put a little ornamental lamp in some corner of the room. The presence of room lights will give you a more even sense of illumination.

Add Ornamental Plants in the Corner of the Room to Bring the Mood to Life

The placement of ornamental plants in the room does not only serve as a means of transporting them. It brings the atmosphere to life, but you can also use it as an air filter. So it’s not only eye-catching, it also helps you to be healthier because it can make the air cleaner.

There are a lot of healthy ornamental plants that you can take Among them are ivory cypress, sansevieria, to spider plant. If you want flowers, gerbera daisy and lily would be the most appropriate choice.

Use Wood Furniture

Room designs with a Japanese concept generally use furniture and decorative materials. For example, on a bed, wardrobe, study desk, dressing table, or side table. In addition, you can also present a touch of Japanese wood through the floor.

You can use wooden or vinyl parquet. Apart from adding aesthetic impressions and increasingly highlighting the concept of Japan, the bedroom will definitely feel warm and comfortable so that you can stay at home.

Use Multifunction Wall Decorations

The main concept of Japan is simple but multifunctional design. Therefore, you cannot apply many ornaments in the room that will eventually fill the room. As a solution, choose be a multifunctional wall ornament for beautify your room.

In addition to beautifying room decorations, you can also use multifunctional wall decorations as furniture to save space. For example, a small shelf hanger that you can use to store books above Not just saving places and functions. Additionally, the decorations of the room also became more interesting to look at.

Apply Bright Color to Room Paint

The color of the paint will certainly have a great influence on the overall room atmosphere. Likewise, Japan’s interior design is identical to the color of the room with bright shades. Because, Japanese himself took the Scandinavian characteristic typical white on the walls of the room. Although it is identical to white, it does not mean that you should not apply other colors. You can use other bright colors like pastel colors with young, very soft tones.

Adjust the Position of the Goods in the Bedroom and Use the Space Saving Ornament

Another tip to get a wide and functional impression inside a narrow bedroom is to set the position of the item so that it doesn’t fall apart and look good on the eyes. For example, the position of the bed should be placed next to the window so that the room will feel brighter and spacious. So is the position of the large mirror that should be placed next to the bed.

In addition, you also need to use multifunction furniture to make room size narrow and space saving. Don’t forget to choose the size of the furniture that fits the room best. You.

For example, the size and type of mattress are suitable for narrow rooms, wardrobe, and other furniture. To avoid choosing wrong, you should first measure the area of the room to know what the right size of the furniture is.

Choose a Bedcase that fits the Room Theme

After choosing the interior design, furniture, to the right color of paint, the next step is to adapt the whole concept of the room to a bed.

Because without realizing it, bedclothes such as bedclothes and bedcover play an important role in both your decorations and your comfort while relaxing and resting. For a comfortable bed will be fulfilled It’s the ideal sleep time for users. So you too will benefit from maximum health benefits.

However, you cannot even choose a bed. You should choose the best bed sheets according to the interior design of your room. If you use the Japanese concept, then the color of the Scandinavian bedspread is Best choice. For example, choose There are also bright colors such as white or light ash that support the concept of Japanese rooms.


Those are the 7 tips on Japanese interior design you can apply to a narrow-sized bedroom. Basically, the interior design of the room does have an important role to play in improving our comfort at rest. So try to keep an eye out. He’s taking care of it.

In addition to the Japanese theme, there are also a variety of other interior designs that you can try. For example, monochrome theme rooms, now popular Korean Style room designs, sweet shabby chic designs, Victorian designs, and other traditional Korean styles luxurious design, minimalist design He was a favorite, until his designs were rustic and industrial.

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