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7 A Room That Can Make Your Mood Better Your Mood

7 A Room That Can Make Your Mood Better Your Mood

The mood or the mood is sometimes difficult for us control. Going up and down this mood that then always affects our productivity. Some factors can affect the mood, such as your situation and condition at the time.

For example, in the morning, you get stuck in traffic. He went to the office and made a bad mood, and wanted to get angry. After going to noon, suddenly your seniors invite you to lunch together, your mood changes slowly. Well mood swings It was influenced by your situation back at the office.

Paint Colors Influence Your Mood Becomes Better Click

But do you know if the room atmosphere can also affect the atmosphere? affect your mood? Especially on the paint color selection of every room. Here are some color recommendations that fit your bedroom that can make your mood better.

The one that can affect your mood becomes It’s better to be able to watch or manage the room atmosphere. One of them is the selection of room paint colors to make your mood better all day.

Sky Blue or Pastel Blue

Well the atmosphere of this blue-blue room is different. Give your room a refreshing impression. Supported with various room decorations in neutral or similar colors such as white, grey, which makes your room look like it’s in a blue and bright sky blue can make you look up at a clear cloudless sky that will make your mind and emotions calmer.

Pale Yellow

For those of you who prefer the color a little cheesy Still giving a soft and calming impression of yellow can be a suitable choice to give bright cheerfulness but still provide quietness in the room. Your mood has become calmer too After a day of stress at the office.


You who have a simple character, not a lot of character and happy with the simple design and atmosphere. White is perfect for dominating your room’s of your room. In addition to being simple and simple, white is a perfect combination of home decorations with white and white. The model and color are all because it has neutral and easily combined properties.

Pastel Green

Besides blue, green can be the color paint of choice. That fits your mood better. Impressed natural, natural, and fresh colors of green paint for the room can bring your mood more calm as if you’re in an open natural atmosphere. Your mood is becoming more intense Fresh fish and ready to start today’s activity.


Well for those of you who prefer the atmosphere of the gel room It’s not easy because it gives you more peace of mind, chocolate can be an option as your room color paint. Chocolate also gives the impression of nature as green. The characteristics of chocolate are also warm which will certainly give it a boost and your mood becomes warmer and more cheerful. You can also combine them with a variety of vintage furniture that makes room aesthetic.


Is that teal? teal color is blue greenish-green. It’s fresh and fresh as you enter the room in this atmosphere. Plus decorations of small plants that increase the freshness of the room. For those of you who are in a moderate mood. Today’s weather, guaranteed after resting in a beloved room with a fresh atmosphere like this, you wake up very fresh and the mood gets better.


You who like to like adorable and beautiful things. With a variety of bright colors, pink can be a recommendation to give your room a cheerful impression. You can choose pastel pink to be softer. It’s perfect if your bedcover is flowerbed. It’s crowded but it’s juice. This trick makes your mood good and feels cheerful all the time.

Factors of Mood Change

The mood is indeed influenced by the various situations you were in. Drastic mood swings, you may experience mood swings. A mood swing is a mood change that appears in a person. This condition is characterized by various emotional changes that the body reacts to a particular environment or situation.

Mood changes can occur very extreme, serious, and without clear stimuli and will interfere with your productivity or daily life including relationships, careers, and physical health. Extreme mood swings can occur suddenly and involve alternating happy and mild emotional conditions. Then what are the factors that cause mood swings?

  • Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes may be one of the main causes of mood swings. What’s more, women who are experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS), pregnancy, or menopause. This is because hormones in the body are not balanced. In addition, adolescents who are entering puberty also tend to experience a change in mood Drastic.

  • Weather Change

Who thought that changing the weather could also affect a person’s mood. Those who lack sunlight can experience a decrease in serotonin levels in the body. It is this level of serotonin that can affect the atmosphere of the day. Therefore, a person who is in winter or rain can experience a change of mood erratic. This condition is called a Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a type of depression triggered by the season.

  • Drug Side Effects

Extreme mood swings are also due to side effects of taking certain medications such as corticosteroids (prednisone). In addition, excessive consumption of alcohol is also one of the factors causing erratic moods.

How to Make the Mood Better

  • Consuming Certain Foods

Eating certain foods can affect the mood. This is because food can stimulate dopamine production. Dopamine is a chemical compound in the brain that makes us feel happy, happy, and encouraging to repeat such pleasant behavior.

  • Exercise Routine

Try to have a regular schedule of exercise maybe a week 2-3 times. If you don’t have a chance to exercise once a week during the weekend or do light exercise at home. Regular exercise will trigger dopamine hormones that cause happiness.

  • A Good and Comfortable Sleep

A busy routine is never ending. You are so busy that you even neglect the ideal hours of sleep. It triggers stress and mood swings. The mood is messy and it affects your daily life. So apply time discipline in work and rest. Sleep well being sufficient and comfortable will restore energy and improve mood.


In addition to adequate sleep, consider also your comfort in taking a rest. Design the room atmosphere to your heart’s desire. Choose colors that you think provide peace and comfort. In addition, choose a variety of aesthetic decorations that further make the room beautiful.

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