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6 The Expansion of Wooden Furniture to Beautify The Interior of House

6 The Expansion of Wooden Furniture to Beautify The Interior of House

There are no parts in Indonesian homes that don’t exist. It has a touch of furniture and wooden interiors. The reason is, there are many advantages of wooden furniture for houses from various sides, both design side and functionality.

Most wooden structures have aesthetic appeal. It’s not just any other material that can change the atmosphere of the whole house or room. Wood furniture is also the easiest mix-and-match with a variety of room interior designs. Starting with the bedroom theme, for interior design, the bedroom is a great place to start from the bedroom theme. It was narrow, until the design of the room fit the personality of the occupants.

The Excellence of Wooden Furniture for Beautiful Interior Design Home

Especially the use of wooden designs and furniture in almost all areas Indonesian people’s homes have existed for generations. Even some wooden furniture is durable and still sturdy even though you have used it many times.

Well, if you’re planning on decorating the house, you’re going to have to do it. With wooden lacquerware, you need to know some of the advantages of wooden furniture through this article. We will also discuss the types of wood used to make the best interior and furniture designs.

Basically, there are many reasons why using wood exists It is the best option to support aesthetic interior design. However, here are some of the advantages of wooden furniture that you will gain.

Strong and Durable

Many believe that wood is one of the products Nature is strong and durable. As a result, wood is the perfect choice for anyone looking for furniture that is durable and can be used for a long time.

In fact, the excellence of durable wooden furniture will increase the quality of the wood furniture. The furniture became an antique. Regardless of whether you choose soft wood (sliced pine, radiate pine, or hoop pine) or hard wood (blackwood, Australian oak).

Of course you need to take good care of it through users They can either perform appropriate functions or perform several treatment steps. For example, occasionally polishing, waxing, and oiling to avoid wood termites and weathering due to changes in weather.

Showing Soothing Vintage Nuance

Either you use light colored or dark wooden furniture, The advantage of wooden furniture is that it can add unique shades and appeal to any room. It is not uncommon for proper use of wooden furniture to make the house look aesthetically vintage.

Wooden furniture helped create an impression of a “back to back” room.” You can choose a type of wood with an interesting fiber pattern and a unique and varied spectrum of colors. Indirect use of wooden furniture can bring natural warmth into the house.

Environmentally Friendly

By using wooden furniture, you’re as good as you are love the earth by using eco-friendly items for your home. In addition, you are also actively involved in supporting the local economy and prospering the woodworking community through purchasing furniture.

But that doesn’t mean you can use wood too much. Just, yeah. Make sure that the furniture you use comes from an old type of wood rather than from a rare species.

Suitable and Versatile for All Interior Designs

Unlike other materials, the superiority of wooden furniture was further enhanced. The idea was that wood would look good on almost any interior theme and design of the room. Whether for classical, rustic, or modern structures, wooden furniture can be part of any design scheme. You might consider using pine wood for dressing tables and red gum wood or spotted gum for large tableware.

Furniture with a particular type of wood is also very good if it’s in the kitchen. Use it as outdoor furniture. For example, wooden furniture consists of a front porch table and a garden chair. To make it more durable, do not forget to sprinkle wood with certain oils to protect the wooden structure from exposure to sunlight or rainwater.

Have a Variation of Interesting Forms and Engravings

It is a common secret that wood can be creased into various forms of household furniture. Starting from beds, tables and dining chairs, closets, frame paintings, until even a kid’s toy.

Not just a simple form of furniture, you can create it by giving it a touch of certain carvings. Because wood structures have a degree of color, different patterns, and natural textures in different ways. Each layer of wood will add an aesthetic impression.

More Affordable Prices

If you want to creatively design the interior of the room to the maximum but with minimal budget, use wooden furniture. When compared to furniture Other things like cement, natural stones, to marble, Wood furniture is more affordable due to the use of wood types that can be adjusted to the budget. Even if you choose household furniture that has the cheapest price, you’ll still get it. It has the best quality and is still potentially strong and durable.

The Best Wooden Type for Home Furniture

Basically, there are some types of wood that most businessmen use to make different types of home furniture. You could consider choosing a furniture wood burning substances of the following types Here.

  1. Jati Wood

Of many different types of wood, teak tree wood is a type of wood that will maximize the excellence of durable, easy to care for, and high quality wooden furniture. The reason is, teak wood is very resistant to everything a type of natural structural weathering of wood. Starting with termite attacks, wood mushroom growth, and resistance to changes in weather and temperature.

Although it has a firm, hard structure, teak wood is easy to cut and mold. Many meubel craftsmen chose to cultivate teak wood because of the final results. Being offered teak wood is beautiful because it’s so beautiful. The wood is beautiful, unique, and delicate.

  1. Mahogany Wood

Besides teak wood, you can create a beautiful home atmosphere by gaining the advantage of mahogany wooden furniture. The mahogany wood or mahogany is very common you are using. It is found in the area of the famous island of Java. It’s good quality but it’s affordable.

Much like teak wood, the type of mahogany wood is excellent for use as furniture because it is resistant to termite insects and weather changes. Besides, the natural tour of fine-grained mahogany wood The low natural oil content of wood makes woodworking easy to form or carve.

  1. Trembling Wood

The last type of wood commonly used as household furniture is trembling wood. The wood derived from the Albizia tree is also quite popular among the farmers. The wooden jinn grew up on almost all the way home Indonesia.


The advantages of wooden furniture using this type of wood are the unique and aesthetic color and natural features of furniture. The reason is that trembiotic wood is identical to the gram have a dark brown color on a layer of wood The inner and white colors of ivory on the outer layer of wood.

The excellence of wooden furniture will indeed make the interior design look of the house warmer and aesthetic of vintage houses. Moreover you can adjust the shape and appropriate furniture color according to theme The design of specific houses and rooms, such as bedroom themes. But, of course, you should take care of it as best you can so as not to get damaged or decayed in your age.

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