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6 Interior Design Suitable for Narrow Size Cos Chamber Making Material and Aesthetic


The boarding room is certainly identical to a narrow, small room with limited space. So that it is not uncommon to have minimal room size will cause the occupants to have difficulty putting certain items in the room. Nevertheless, having a narrow bedroom does not mean that you cannot design it comfortably and aesthetically.

Instead of a limited size of room, you have to think creatively in order to find a village interior the interior for the most suitable boarding room. However, you should know that creating a comfortable bedroom design with a limited room size is not an easy thing. It could even be that your boarding room is not functional because of the minimal space to put certain items.

Interior Design for Kos Room

The majority of boarding rooms are indeed attached with the typical narrow nan limited room. It is wonder, since most boarding houses are students or workers who simply make rooms a resting place relieve fatigue.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a boarding room a nth room Yemen. In fact, with comfortable rooms, the quality of your sleep and rest will improve even more, as well as the need for sleep can be fulfilled ideally. To create a comfortable room, then the main key is to find the most appropriate bedroom design.

Here are some interior design ideas for the kos room you could try:

Korean Style Design To Make Rooms More Beautiful and Aesthetic!

This one interior design is indeed very popular among young people. In fact, majoritas narrow-sized rooms such as cos rooms also apply Korean Style room design.

This is because the Korean Style room does carry a simple concept but it is aesthetic and functional. The characteristic of this one interior design is the arrangement of items left open but neatly arranged. For example the use of doorless cabinets, low-sized and practical furniture, and the placement of beds near windows to get maximum lighting.

To maximize this one’s interior design, you could choose Korean Style bedspread sebagai the bedrock to make it look more harmonious. The Korean Style’s own bedstead usually embraces the motif of a tinned bedspread with pastel bedspread colors such as soft pink, soft blue, mint green, or light brown.

In addition to adding aesthetic impressions, the selection of the right bedrock will also increase furtherenyacuse you inside the room.

Minimalist Design, The Choice for Narrow Rooms

Minimalists do become a favorite of many people. This is because of the interior design of one ini does highlight functionality and convenience within a limited area.

Minimalists are also identical to simple, practical, and interesting concepts. All that you It needs to be inside the bedroom with the concept of space-saving aka space-eating. So even though it is narrow, you can still be active freely.

Minimalist design will utilize multifunctional furniture that can help save room. Also, for those of you who sleep alone in the room, try to choose a single-sized mattress type so that you don’t eat much space.

To seem more attractive, try to adjust the color of the room paint to a variety of furniture in it. Also add additional decorations such as ornamental plants or flower paintings on the wall to liven up the atmosphere.

Monochrome Design for Airy and Elegant Impression

Monochrome theme rooms are becoming one of the designs most in demand by the public. Cause, one’s superior interior design this one is can provide an airy effect to narrow-sized rooms.

This is because monochrome uses only one tone of color as a focal point. Application those colors on paint walls, floors, to furniture inside the room can give the room a more airy feel. Thus, the airy, simple, yet elegant impression will become even more felt.

To make it more beautiful, you can add multifunctional wall decorations or mirrors in the room. In addition to being able to use it according to its function, the idea will also add aesthetic value indoors. Don’t forget also to choose monochrome color bed sheets to match the room concept.

Eclectic Design, Expressive But Fixed Space-Saving

One of the tiniest room designs that has quite a lot of fans is eclectic. Because, eclectic becomes an incarcerated design for those of you who want to display impressions about freedom of expression. It’s no wonder, then, that this design tends to combine a variety of styles and colors.

The advantage of this design is that you don’t have to bother thinking about choosing a suitable color and compacting it with furniture or other decorations inside the room. Thus, rather than other interior designs, this eclectic design tends to be more bag-friendly aka low budget.

Although it is a combination of several forces, you must still decorate it by specifying indoor focal points. For example, you could put wallpaper on the back wall of the mattress as the focus of the room. As for bedspreads, try to choose bedspreads and bedcovers that don’t has a motif, e.g. plain bedspread or bedcover plain. The point is to keep the focal point indoors centered on the wallpaper.

Cozy’s Rustic Style Design and Give Homey Impression

Rustic Style is also very suitable you apply to narrow-sized bedrooms. This interior design suits those of you who love modern alloys and nature-themed classics. The key is to combine wooden furniture with modern decorations inside the room.

Wooden furniture may be applied to shelves, cabinets, or crockets to keep them attached to natural elements. Whereas modern decorations can you display on the application of wall decorations. a sleeping lamp, along with room paint.

To make the rustic impression more felt, you can also choose the best bedspread for this interior design as a bedrock. Usually, bedspreads for rustic rooms incorporate earth-tone colors such as brown, cream, caramel, or soft green.

Japanese Interior Design, Give Wide and Modern Impression

You can also turn a small-sized boarding room into a multifunctional and comfortable and aesthetic room with the interior design of Japanese aka Japanese Scandinavian. This design is suitable for those of you who want to highlight minimalist and multifunctional concepts.

In line with its name, the design is a fusion of concepts between Eastern and Western cultures. You can experience a simple and modern scandinavian style, which chime in with a functional and classic Japanese interior concept in a single room.

Japandi’s excess interior design is suitable for windowless rooms. This is because the interior design of Japandi is identical to the color of the room with bright nuances. Because, Japandi himself took on the concept of a skandinavian that has a characteristic white color on the walls of the room.

To make the shades of Japanese more feel, then choose a bedstead with the color of the scandinavian bedspread. For example choosing bright color bedspreads such as white or young ash that support the concept of a Japanese room. With the Japanese concept, your room will feel bright, spacious, cozy, efficient, and aesthetic.


So are 6 interior designs that you could try to apply to narrow-sized boarding rooms. Besides choosing the right design, another thing you need to pay attention to is lighting. Try to gain direct sunlight access through the room window. Cause, sunshine will gives the illusion of a room looking wider.

Another important thing you are also obliged to pay attention to is the comfort of the bed. Because comfortable beds will help you to improve the quality of sleep, so it can get the benefits of sleep for health to the maximum.

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