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6 How to Set Up a Narrow Room to Look Wide

6 How to Set Up a Narrow Room to Look Wide

Today, the dense population is mainly urban areas do make the majority of people live on limited land. With the limited land area, as a result, each room also wants to avoid having a size that tends to be small and narrow. No exception to the bedroom.

Considering that the room becomes the most important room and personal, of course you should create it as best you can to keep it comfortable even though it has a limited size. Moreover, rooms serve to support sleep quality and meet your daily sleep needs. If the room feels uncomfortable because it is impressed with the sump, of course You don’t even feel comfortable being in it, do you?

How to Set Up a Narrow Room to Look Wide

Having a cramped room sometimes becomes is in itself for most people. You too are required to think creatively to maximize the limited size of the room to stay comfortable and give an airy impression.

What’s more, the room is the place to take off tired to relax and rest after busy day activities. Both it’s busy work and demanding science. The comfortable room atmosphere also plays a role to determine the quality of your rest. If the room feels comfortable, you will become easier to relax your body and mind, returning right mood, while restoring energy to get back into activity.

In order to get a comfortable room though narrow resizes, there are a number of alignment tricks that you could try to make it seem more airy. Here are some ways to arrange a narrow room to look spacious:

Choose a Suitable Interior Design for Room Narrow

The first tip is to choose an interior design for cramped rooms. There are several types of room interior design that you can try to get a limited room ready. From minimalist room design, monochrome theme room design, Korean Style room design, rustic style design, Japanese design, to industrial design suitable for rooms a boy.

Such bedroom design became favorite choice for sleeping room owners of narrow size. Examples include boarding rooms or minimalist apartments. Because, these designs are both simple but space saving concepts.

Its characteristic is the utilization of various kinds multifunctional goods or furniture indoors. For example the use of wall ornaments that at the same time serve as bookshelves. Thus, the decoration of the sleeping room will wider yet nonetheless functional and convenient use for activity.

Use Bright or Bright Colors to Make Rooms Wide and Open

This one’s tips pertain to selection the color of a room color Good color options for narrow rooms are bright or bright colors. Be it on the color of room paint, wallpaper, as well as furniture inside the room. This is because bright colors will give the impression the room looks more open and feels spacious.

You could choose a suitable paint color for Narrow bedroom such as white, yellow, cream, or pastel and earth tone colors. These colors not only make the room feel wider, but they are also an adept and soothing choice of paint colors. So that it can make it easier for you to feel relaxed and enough sleep time is ideal.

Besides on the room wall, you could also wheeze apply those bright colors to other furniture. For example furniture such as desks, chairs, closets, as well as bed supplies. Also apply the same color to bedcovers and bedcovers.

Cause the color of the bedspread is suitable for narrow rooms are bright colors that can give a broad impression. Also choose a bedspread motif suitable for your room decoration. Try to choose a small pattern, because a large pattern or bedspread motif will actually make the room look narrower and more compact.

Add a Large Mirror in the Room

One of the clever ways to make the narrow bedroom look spacious is to place a mirror inside the room. You can choose a large-sized mirror to reflect the light to the maximum.

In addition to being useful for reflecting light, mirror placement may also reflect the view. So it gives the illusion the room looks more airy and big. This trick could you apply by hanging large-sized mirror in a side-by-side manner around the room space.

Not only does the room look more spacious, mirror placement can also make the room design more aesthetic and eye-catching. To make it even more aesthetic, you can also put hi plants healthful beside a mirror or in a corner of a room.

In addition to being able to beautify the room, healthful ornamental plants such as ivory shrubs and spider plants are also able to help filter out the dirty air in the room. So that the air quality will get cleaner, once prevents dusty rooms. These tips also benefit those of you with dust allergy problems.

Maximize Lighting

How to arrange a narrow room to look spacious next is to maximize the lighting. The maximum illumination is the key to making the narrow room feel more airy. You could install large-sized windows to get better lighting. Thus, the sun’s light will bounce directly into the room and give a bright and more vibrant effect. The next trick is to install curtains according to the window size. Try to make the curtains slightly longer in size to make the room feel wider.

As intermediate for those of you who have a windowless room, don’t worry as you could maximize the lighting with the use of lights inside the room. You can turn it on during the day to have the room occupied brighter.

As for at night, use sleeping lights or tumblr around the room. In addition to adding aesthetic impressions, the placement of the sleeping lamp will also make your room feel less stuffy, as well as stimulating the odor of the hormone melatonin causing sleepiness. So that you keep it able to rest to the maximum.

Adjust the Position of Goods inside the Room

Another tip for getting a wide impression inside a narrow-sized bedroom is to set the position of the item to avoid falling apart and look eye-catching. For example, the bed position is best placed next to the window so that the room will feel brighter and more spacious.

In addition, you also need to use multifunctional furniture to make the narrow room size more relieved and space saving (space saving). Don’t forget to also choose the furniture size that fits best with your room.

For example, the size and type of mattress suitable for narrow rooms, wardrobe, and other furniture. In order not to choose the wrong size, it is best to measure the room size first to know what the right size of furniture is.

Choose a Bedstead That Fits the Room Design

The final tip is to adjust the bedstead to the overall design of the room. Because without realizing it, bedspreads such as bedcovers play an important role for both your decorations and your comfort at rest. A comfortable bedstead will sustain the fulfillment of the ideal sleep cycle. Thus, you too will receive the benefits of sleep for physical health and mental health to the maximum extent.

However, even choosing a bedstead cannot be done carelessly. You should choose the best bedspread according to the interior design of your room. For example if you use the concept of Japanese, then the color of the bedspread scandinavian is the best choice. Which is to choose bedspreads with bright colors such as white or young ash that support the concept of Japanese room.

Likewise with monochrome bedspread pickers for monochrome rooms, pastel color bedspreads and Korean Style bedspreads for Korean Style designs, rustic bedspreads with earth tone colors for rustic style designs, a plain bedspread and black bedcover suitable for industrial design.


Those are the 6 ways of arranging a narrow room to look spacious that you can try. Basically, room arrangement does have an important role to play to improve our comfort while at rest. So try to always pay close attention to it. From selection of proper interior design to appropriate bedsteads.

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