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10 Tricks to Make a Small Bedroom More Comfortable

10 Tricks to Make a Small Bedroom More Comfortable

The bedroom is one of the rooms you’re living in spend a lot of time in it. In minimalist house designs, of course, the bedroom will have a slightly narrower place. This fairly narrow bedroom turns out to make some people feel uncomfortable. Those of you who may have phobias in a narrow space or claustrophobia may be very uncomfortable to place.

Now here are some solutions that you can use. I’m trying to make the narrow bedroom more comfortable and tidy to be you more comfortable at rest and better quality of sleep.

Tips and Tricks to Make Small Bedrooms More Convenient

Some of these tips and tricks you can try to help. Make your narrow bedroom more comfortable.


For a narrow bedroom, you can admit He repainted the bedroom with a white wall. White will give the impression of the room becoming more spacious. You can also give it a little color to perfect it. For those of you who have a heart with a toddler and are still sleeping with you, it is best to use a paint color that is easy to clean.

Cleaning Routine

To stay comfortable, you must be diligent in cleaning up And the bedroom. Even a small, dirty bedroom will make you more sceptical and stressed out. Clean regularly and provide room temperature or aromatherapy to provide more comfort in resting. Although the bedroom is narrow, clean and fragrant makes it more comfortable to be in a minimalist room.

Replace Pillow Gloves Routine

The narrow bedroom becomes more comfortable if you Diligent change of course. Long – term pillowcases will make you feel uncomfortable because they are exposed to dust and bacteria mixed into one. As a result of being less diligent in changing the pillowcase, it will potentially cause respiratory and allergic skin problems and this is what makes the room uncomfortable.

Use the Curtain

You’re the kind of person who can hardly sleep with a light A light should use curtains. This is true when you sleep in Afternoon, yes. Use curtains to get in the way Sunlight coming in from the window. Use neutral curtains to give a room a wide impression.

Try Inserting Ground Elements

For your narrow bedroom to be more comfortable try This is achieved by incorporating soil elements. Not only is it good or suitable for a minimalist house as a whole, it is also believed to add comfort to the bedroom. The soil elements are suitable for your bedroom such as flowers, stones, and others.

Diligently Tidying Up the Bedroom

Although minimalist, you also have to be diligent in tidying up Bedroom, yes. Diligently tidy the bedroom will make you more comfortable and give you the effect of relaxing and quiet while you rest.

Put down aromatherapy

Well aromatherapy is also important to make you more Relax, relax. Although your room feels cramped, you can still feel comfortable resting. Instead, aromatherapy will make your sleep better and better quality.

Installing the Exhaust Fan

The narrow rooms are usually quite closed. However, it sometimes makes the room a little stuffy and hot due to imperfect air circulation. The solution is, you can install an exhaust fan in your room. This device acts to switch indoor air to be discharged.

Avoid Hanging Clothes Behind Doors

Avoid hanging clothes behind the door. This will make the room narrower and more sumptuous. In addition, the clothes hanging behind the door will make mosquitoes’ nests and bedrooms appear dirty. Makes it even more uncomfortable to rest.

Using the Best Quality Spree or Bedcover click

To be more comfortable, choose the best quality bedcover or bedcover such as having soft quality ingredients and adhesive. Using a comfortable bedcover or bedcover will make you more comfortable in your room. Sleep quality gets better too.

Tips for Choosing a Spree for a Narrow Bedroom

For narrow bedrooms to be more spacious and comfortable, one of them is using bed covers of the best quality. You should also pay attention to how the selection of good bedspreads fits the minimalist room. Here’s some tips. Here we go.

  • Choose a Neutral Color

Choose a neutral color and avoid bedspreads with a variety of crowded motifs. A neutral white-like bedspread will give a wider impression to your room. In addition, plain sheets will provide good benefits to your sleep quality. Sleep will get better and calmer. Plain sheets are also good for your mental health.

  • Select Cotton Material

Pick a bedcover or bedcover with cotton. Cotton materials generally have a soft, smooth character, good absorbency and adhesive and can absorb heat. To get a good night’s sleep, choose a bedspread with cotton.

  • Fit Size

Well choosing sheets should also understand the size. Do not choose narrow or wide sheets. Choose the size of your mattress to make it look neat and easy to look at. A neat room will give you more comfort in the bedroom.

  • Wall Decorations for Narrow Bedrooms

In order to be more comfortable, it feels like you haven’t decorated the room according to your liking and theme. You can also freely decorate a narrow bedroom. One of them is using wall decorations so as not to consume a lot of land in your room. Here are some recommendations decorate a wall.

  • Wall Mirror

You can use a wall mirror. Wall mirrors not only serve as more aesthetic room decorations but also give a wider impression on your narrow bedroom. There are various forms of wall mirrors such as ovale, round, or box. But Choose to make the room more aesthetically. Come on, come on.

  • Abstract Painting or Calligraphy

You can also add some wall paintings such as abstract paintings or calligraphy. Choose the painting as you wish. Just give it 1-2 paintings to keep the aesthetic impression and the room still looks more spacious.

  • Aesthetic Wall Shelf

Today there are a wide variety of aesthetic wall racks of various shapes. Well, you can use this to decorate your narrow bedroom wall. In addition to being an ornament, this shelf is also multifunctional to put your various items to look more like concise and neat as the collections of Me or any other equipment.


These are some tips and tricks to make your narrow bedroom more comfortable. One by choosing quality bedcover and bed sheets.

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